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Customize with "Colors You Love"

Murray 04 All-HR

The “Murray” difference  begins with an “Enclosure” to  enhance…

“Visual Design Improvements”

We offer your business offering a wide range of colors to choose from that compliment
both Interior and Exterior design compatibility.

With “Murray” you get, enhanced design and sophistication.

On-site placement "Possibilities"

To help your business, the “Murray” difference has significant benefits beyond other displays on the market:  Visual (better identification-interior design compatibility-sophistication), Maintenance, Cleanliness, Greater out-door weather proofing, Back-side Advertisement and back-side Information Capabilities and more allow the “Murray” to be placed in more locations to help your business.

In Restaurants, Mass Merchandisers, Grocery, Malls, Airports, Stadiums-Arenas-Convention Centers and endless location possibilities the “Murray” by Kleau helps you “communicate to your audience in a better way.”


"No Hassle" support & Service

You have a lot to do to.  The “Murray” difference is designed so service is…

“simple and quick as possible” 

regarding: installation, daily operations, maintenance and repairs to serve your business.

@2014 Copyright - Kleau